Special Releases

Through the years, Del Amitri have had their music released in different formats for different purposes. This all happened before their A&M Records contract.

"What She Calls It" is from 1982. It was a flex-disc in the music magazine "Stand & Deliver". The song is mostly an instrumental groove. With some vocals during the second half of the song. The lyrics are hard to understand, but seem to always end with with a reference to Iain! This song is important, as it is the first known appearance of Del Amitri on record.

"Charlie's Bar" is from 1985. Del Amitri's ode to drinking, aethiesm, and the West Virginia-style of country music. Complete with an American accent affected by Justin Currie. This little known song was only given to the Del Amitri Fan Club in 1985. Although the band resurrected it in December 1995 for their performance on the Mountain Stage radio program.

"Out In The Wind" is from 1986; the winter of their disaccord. It would fit in perfectly with the first Del Amitri album. An uptempo song, it may even be an "out-take" from the first album. Coming in at five and a half minutes long, may be the reason it was cut from the album. It was released as one of four tracks on a 12" single given away with the Record Mirror magazine.