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Sense Sickness / The Difference Is

Released 1983

No Strings Label

Released independently in 1983, this 45rpm record is a fine example of the high quality of songwriting evident a full 2 years before being signed to a major record label. While "Sense Sickness" has not been re-released since, "The Difference Is" was re-recorded and released on their next single.

Sticks And Stones Girl / This King Is Poor / The Difference Is

released July 1985

Chrysalis Records

The First Del Amitri release on a major label. "This King Is Poor" was the first in a long line of b-sides that were not to be available on any album. A 12" version of the single was released which added the re-recorded version of "The Difference Is".

Hammering Heart / Lines Running North

Released September 1985

Chrysalis Records

"Hammering Heart" was re-recorded for this single also. Deciding to give the song a different spin for the single buying audience. The song is slightly speeded up, and lost are the acoustic guitars that are so prevelant on the Del Amitri album. "Lines Running North" is another b-side not available anywhere else. The songwriters proving that they had too many songs, and not enough albums to put them on. When asked to provide a third song for the 12" single of "Hammering Heart", the band whipped up an impromptu version of the Van Morrison standard "Brown Eyed Girl". Not following the original as closely as Van might have liked, they made it a Del Amitri song through and through.

Kiss This Thing Goodbye / No Holding On / Slowly It's Coming Back / Fred Partington's Daughter (on the 10" single)

Released July 1989
Re-released March 1990

A&M Records

Tiring of releasing two versions of each single, their first release for the A&M Record label contained 3 songs, and released in only that configuration. Even when re-released in March of 1990, the same b-sides graced four formats of the single; cd, 7", 10", and 12". However, beyond their control, the label released a version in the US that contained "The Return Of Maggie Brown" as the B-side.

Stone Cold Sober / The Return Of Maggie Brown / Talk It To Death

released September 1989

A&M Records

As the record buying market gets more and more varied, "Stone Cold Sober" was released in no less than three formats. A 3" CD; the standard 7" vinyl; and the new standard 12" single. All with the same b-sides.

Nothing Ever Happens / So Many Souls To Change / Don't I Look Like The Kind Of Guy You Used To Hate / Evidence

released December 1989

A&M Records

"Nothing Ever Happens" became Del Amitri's biggest hit to date. Becoming a sing-a-long song, with a hook-drenched chorus and meaningful lyrics, the song took Del Amitri another step up in the music business. The cd and the 12" singles each included three previously unreleased songs. "Don't I Look Like The Kind Of Guy You Used To Hate" and "Evidence" becoming the longest Del Amitri song name and the shortest Del Amitri song name respectively. "So Many Souls To Change" is an inspired look at the world through the eyes of the same person from "Nothing Ever Happens".

Move Away Jimmy Blue / Another Letter Home / April The First / More Than You'd Ever Know

released May 1990

A&M Records

Released only a scant month after "Nothing Ever Happens" to keep the sales momentum going, "Move Away Jimmy Blue" brought together yet another 3 previously unreleased songs as b-sides. Bringing the total to ten "bonus" tracks. Put together with the 10 songs on the Waking Hours album, that's enough for a regular band to release a double album.

Spit In The Rain / Scared To Live / The Return Of Maggie Brown / Talk It To Death

released October 1990

A&M Records

Released on its own, without an album to promote, "Spit In The Rain" came after only 5 months since the release of "Move Away Jimmy Blue". Bringing one brand new b-side, "Scared To Live"; one re-mix of a previously released b-side, "The Return Of Maggie Brown"; and the re-release of "Talk It To Death". Released in four formats including a 10" boxed set which included a lyric poster.

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