Like any band, members come and go. Collected here are pictures and names of past and present members of Del Amitri.

Justin Currie
Bass, Guitar, Vocals
1982 - Present

The founding member of the band, Justin is the lead vocalist, bass player, as well as the main songwriter. He collaborates with Iain Harvey on roughly half the songs written for Del Amitri.

Iain Harvey
Guitars, Bass, Harmonica, Background vocals
1982 - Present

The other founding member of the band, Iain Harvey plays all guitar-type instruments. Including the Mandolin, Pedal Steel, and Dobro. He collaborates with Justin Currie on roughly half the songs written for Del Amitri.

Andy Alston
Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
1987 - Present

Andy Alston's first "official" credit with Del Amitri is on the Waking Hours album. He is a wiz at all manner of keyboard, and just recently has been spotted playing guitar and even singing back up on a few songs.

Mark Price
1997 - Present

Mark joined up with Del Amitri in May of 1997. His first appearance with the band is in the video for "Not Where It's At". Mark has played with All About Eve previously, which is a spin-off of the band The Church.

Kris Dollimore
Guitar, Background vocals
1982 - Present

Kris Dollimore joined Del Amitri in June of 1997. Having a scant few weeks to learn a set list, as the band was scheduled to begin playing immediately. Kris was a member of the popular band, The Godfathers.

Jon McLoughlin
Guitar, Background vocals
1995 - 1997

Jon McLoughlin joined the band early in 1996 after the U.S. tour ended. He left the band after the "Some Other Sucker's Parade" album was recorded.

Ashley Soan
1995 - 1997

Ashley Soan joined Del Amitri right after the band finished recording the Twisted album. Rock solid as a drummer, he was asked to "loosen up" and "let go" a bit more for Del Amitri's music.

David Cummings
Guitar, Background vocals
1989 - 1995

A "seasoned veteran" upon joining Del Amitri in 1989. He is pictured on the cover of the Waking Hours album sleeve, but did not perform on the record. David left the band to begin a new career writing for TV and the movies.

Chris Sharrock

Chris Sharrock played drums on the Twisted album. Chris worked with the Icecycle Works, Lightning Seeds, and World Party before playing with Del Amitri. He was only asked to play on the album, as he was a member of World Party who happened to be taking a break at the time.

Brian McDermott
1989 - 1994

Brian joined the band right after the recording of the Waking Hours album. Departing just before the Twisted album sessions.
Michael Slaven
1988 - 1989

Joining the band long enough to record the album Waking Hours, Michael then slipped away without having been seen much as a member of Del Amitri.

Paul Tyagi
Drums, Percussion
1982 - 1989

Paul was with the band at the beginning and worked through that first Del Amitri album and the self-financed tour of the US, and the Waking Hours album.

Bryan Tolland
1982 - 1988

Bryan joined the band in 1982 at its formation. He worked on the first single, "What She Calls It" but left the band before the recording of the Waking Hours album.